{DIY} Lipstick Made With Coconut Oil & Crayon

Hello there! I never used to be the lipstick and makeup kind of girl but I am learning to strengthen my self-esteem. How I view myself and how others view me.

Going to work with no makeup everyday was my daily living. But now, I’m getting more into putting on some makeup and doing my hair.

I learned how to make my own lipstick out of crayons and a little coconut oil when I saw a youtube video on Facebook. And having a three year old in the home makes this completely possible. AKA we have lots of crayons.

This is easy to make, unless you start your on fire. Cause that’s exactly what I -almost- did the very first time I tried to make this. I also burned my thumb.

Let’s Start Making Lipstick


  • Coconut Oil
  • Crayon
  • Measuring Cup
  • Empty Lip Balm Container (like these)

Take off the paper on the crayon and break it into two parts. Get your lip container ready and set aside.

You will need to turn on your stove and place the crayons in a glass measuring cup. Place the measuring cup ontop of your stove until melted. This will only work for gas stoves.

If you do not have a gas stove then light a candle or lighter, place the crayon pieces on a metal spoon and hold over top the flame until melted.

Next, you need to add your coconut oil, I only add just a smidge of the oil. If you add too much then the lipstick will become very soft and won’t apply properly.

Once you hve your coconut oil and the crayon melted, turn off your stove or flame and pour your mixture into the empty lip balm container.

Tada! Now you have some cheap lipstick that will last almost all day! I love the purple and dark colors the best. I have not tried this project with lighter colored crayons.

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