7 Homemade Body Scrubs for Healthy Skin

Body scrubs have a lot of benefits that exfoliate and nurish the skin.

Depending on the ingredients you add to your body scrubs will depend on the benefits you will recieve.

About 4 months back or so I used to be obsessed with sugar scrubs. I would make a bunch and sell them to family and friends, neighbors, etc…

I guess my goal someday is to open up a home business making beauty products and homemade pet treats to sell locally and through Etsy.

7 Homemade Body Scrubs for Healthy Skin


I made a coffee scrub and let me tell you, the smell, made me want to eat it. Using it on my skin was even better though.

Karissa over at Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen has this awesome recipe for the coffee body scrub.

Once upon a time I came across Carissa’s (yes another Carissa but spelled differently) blog Creative Green Living on Pinterest. She has an awesome blog and some dang good recipes.

For example, her recipe for Vanilla Peppermint Scrub. Mmm… Delish. Is all I can say about this one. Vanilla and peppermint mixed together = an explosion of fresh skin.

Susie, my type of person. She is a procrastinator. Like myself. I can sit on my couch all day ‘thinking’ of the things I need to do but do they get done?

No. Well, sometimes.

She made a green tea scrub that exfoliates and gives your skin a glow!

I use lemon for a lot of household cleaning. It’s supposed to reduce odors, like pet odor. And that, I like.

Working at a pet store means coming home smelling like shit and piss cause a certain puppy couldn’t hold her bladder. I came across Tashenna’s blog and found this zesty lemon scrub recipe.

Have a favorite one so far?

Coconut rose scrub. Like yes please! I love the smell of fresh roses, pink, red, yellow.. I could care less what color they are!

This fashion blog has it all. The sugar scrub recipe is so simple and easy to stir up! It’s a must try in my to do list.

I have another recipe from Karissa over at Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen.

Her blog is now bookmarked on my laptop here, she has so many good recipes that I want to try out. Especially this lime and sea salt one.

Lime is just as good as lemon for all purpose house cleaning in my opinion.

Vanilla is good mixed with pretty much anything. So are oranges. I always buy those little cuties for my girls at the store and they love them.

So do I. But don’t let know I eat their snacks when they nap. Or one of them might scream her head off.

Emilie over at Finding Zest has this great recipes for a vanilla orange scrub and it’s looks like an easy one. And it’s on my to do list now!

Although, I have more things on my to do list than I have fingers to count.

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